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Wallace Factoring is a transportation factor that has been doing business in the transportation industry for over 20 years.  We provide same-day funding to trucking companies along with managing their receivables.


Wallace Company Inc (now knows as Wallace Factoring, LLC) had very humble beginnings.  Frankie Wallace, who spent most of his life in construction, started factoring invoices from his garage in 1998.  About 5 years into it, he hired on his daughter, Allison, who then took the company to new heights.  In 2016, Wallace Company Inc became Wallace Factoring, LLC that is jointly owned by Frankie and Allison Wallace. 

Who you will be partnering with

Today, Wallace Factoring, LLC is managed by Allison Wallace and her son, Tyler.  Jeannie Wallace accompanied by an impeccable staff, work together effectively as account managers to serve trucking companies every day.  

"Here at Wallace Factoring, we believe in the power of family.  We work with family every day, so our primary focus is to treat our customers as such.  There aren't many factoring companies out there where you can personally speak with someone who actually makes the decisions.  At Wallace Factoring, you will have just that.  Our goal is to always be available to our clients, always stay humble, listen to their needs, and focus on doing right by those who put trust in us.  When you choose Wallace Factoring you're not just choosing a factoring company, you're joining a family." - Allison Wallace


With the aid of factoring, you can help your trucking business grow by providing necessary cash flow for your overhead expenses.  Factoring can help you meet your financial obligations in a more timely manner and improve your credit score by having the funds to pay your bills sooner.  Don't wait.  Contact us today!

*Competitive Rates

*No Sign Up Fees

*Fast Approval

*No Monthly Minimum volume requirements

*Free In House Credit Reports

*Same Day or Next Day funding options

*No termination fees

*Friendly Staff

*Online Account Management

*Collection Services

*Mobile Factoring Application

Our Team

Frankie Wallace, owner

Allison Wallace, owner

Tyler Dossett, General Manager

Account Managers:

Jana Johnson

Jeannie Wallace

Donna Read

Mallory Mabus

Stephanie Heatherly

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